Ligue 1 Betting Odds

Ligue 1 Odds and other leagues – There are many types of football betting tips available. This is a guide to what you should be doing when you bet on football or follow tipsters. There are a couple of rules to follow when placing bets on football and following betting tipsters. Rule One for football betting tips is to remove any emotions, and if that means going against your favourite teams, then so be it.

You can choose to avoid this rule, but chances are you’ll have far more knowledge about a team you follow than the one you don’t. That’s where the form study comes in — so keep any team bias out of it! Most punters will place their bets on weekly football news and opinion across the many media channels.

ligue 1 odds

Rule Two is don’t rush into anything. Instead, wait for the right time or match fixtures; digest information and analyse it; be sensible, and show self-discipline.

Factors to Consider When Analysing Football Betting Tips

  • Pre-Match Ligue 1 Odds
  • Current Form
  • Defence and Attack
  • Match Schedules
  • Fitness & Booking Suspensions
  • Incentive to Win
  • Bookmaker free bet

Pre-Match Analysis

By researching a team and fixture, you can make judgements about how you think a particular game might finish. As a sports follower, you should be in a good position to judge whether a bet seems good value.

ligue 1 odds

Ligue 1 Odds Current Form

It’s essential to not just look at whether a team has won, drawn or lost recently, but also at the quality of teams that they’ve faced in their previous games. If any unusual results occur, try to work out why they happened, as the reason could be the same.

Defense & Attack

A team might be in great form on paper, but do the stats back up those results? A team could win three matches in a row, but only have one shot and 20% possession in each.

Use sites like StatisticSports to look at how many chances a team creates and concedes on average and help you make decisions. Your first port of call is to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of teams in specific leagues. Some teams will be better in front of goal, while others may have a stronger defence. These stats are readily available. is another good source of information for football team stats. If, for example, a team struggles against a faster team or a physically better team but the market doesn’t reflect it, you can train yourself to spot the value that may be the bookmakers didn’t. 

Team and Player Schedules

Scheduling is important and can be easily overlooked if a team enters busy periods where fatigue can make a difference. Top Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga teams can face hectic schedules due to European club competitions such as the Champions League, Ligue 1 Odds, playing over 50 games during the course of the season when domestic cup competitions are also running.

Midweek fixtures are quickly followed up by weekend games, and a busy schedule can cause an upset, particularly when teams have to endure a lot of travel within a week or so.

Fitness & Suspensions

This is a vital factor in knowing exactly which players will be available for games. If key players are ruled out, or rested, results may be affected.

Ligue 1 Odds Incentive to Win

This is a massively underrated factor and one that’s often overlooked in football, but it can be key when betting in-play. It’s your job to work out whether a team will fight until the very end of a game — or even if they’ll fight from the start at all, based on their current motivations to achieve a result.

Ligue 1 Odds

Ligue 1 Odds and Popular Football Betting Markets

Ligue 1 Odds – Single Match Result

Known as win-draw-win, 1-x-2 and Moneyline and the match result, you have an option for each team to win the match within 90 minutes (extra time), and an option for a draw. That’s three single options in total. Win-draw-win is the most common bet in football.

Ligue 1 Odds Football Accumulators

A football accumulator is another popular and enjoyable form of betting on football. An acca, or accumulator, consists of three or more teams or selections (as many as you want) to win, lose or draw. You pick what you think the match outcome will be and list them in an acca.

The more matches you predict, the better the odds, and it can be profitable for relatively small stakes when you add the odds together. It’s also worth checking for acca insurance offers, in case one selection lets you down you can get your stake back

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

In this market, you will be betting on whether a match will have over 2.5 goals (i.e. three or more, to win your bet) or whether it will have under 2.5 goals (zero, one or two goals would win your bet). Depending on the teams in question, odds in the over 2.5 goals market – in league matches – will typically range from as low as 1.2 (1/5) up to a peak of around 2.5 (6/4). You can find value in this market.

Ligue 1 Odds Anytime Goalscorer

Anytime Goalscorer features odds for football’s most prolific players. If they score again, so do you!

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Ligue 1 Odds Both Teams To Score (BTTS) in both halves of a match. Can get good value if a team doesn’t win but still scores. Both teams to score bets is popular in football betting.

Ligue 1 Odds Double Chance

With significantly lower odds than the market above, double chance allows you to cover two of the three outcomes in a football game. You can back the home team or draw, away team or draw, or either team to win. Whilst you can win on this market often, the odds are low. It takes a bit more study to find picks in order to be profitable

Win Trebles

Pick three winning selections Ligue 1 Odds

Ligue 1 Odds Correct Score

The correct score market is one of the hardest to accurately predict. The difficulty in predicting the outcome means that you’ll get high odds – but remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean high value. Correct scores often have a high bookmaker margin. It’s difficult to predict, but not impossible, and profitable in the short term. Over 40% of games finish 1-1, 0-0 or with the home team winning 1-0 or 2-1.

Ligue 1 Odds Handicap Betting

This is more popular now, thanks to the Asian football gambling market. Handicap betting aims to level the playing field between two teams, the same way golf handicaps you give shots or (goals) away. A strong team will have a -1.5 handicap against a weaker team, who will, in turn, have a +1.5 handicap if you wish to bet on them. In simple terms, you’d need your team to win by two goals or more when betting with a -1.5 handicap.

If you chose to bet on the +1.5 handicap, you’d win your bet — as long as your team won, drew or lost by only one goal. There are greater handicaps available too, but the above is the most common and the odds will typically hover around evens for both selections.


In the half-time/full-time market, you are betting for a team to be winning, drawing or losing at half-time, followed by them to be winning, drawing or losing at full-time. This is not the same as winning, drawing or losing both halves.

Ligue 1 Odds Other Markets

There are many other football betting tips markets, and they can be applied to other sports too, including in-play betting during the games and events. Others include First Goalscorer, First Team to Score and ScoreCasts, where first goalscorer odds are multiplied by correct score odds. It’s quite common that the higher the odds, the higher the bookmaker margin (and therefore the lower your “edge”).

ligue 1 odds

Ligue 1 Odds and Other League Football Betting Tips 

If you follow football betting tips, it’s possible to become a profitable punter. There will be highs and lows, joy and frustration. If you educate yourself in the betting strategies above, you will have an edge. Be prepared, and stay in the loop. No one wins 100% of the time but, remember, you don’t have to win every time to make a healthy profit.

These are the most popular types of football betting tips. Use our odds converter tool for fractional to decimal odds

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